New threats require new tools

No system is completely secure, but every system must have security features – regular threat monitoring, Zero Trust and an AI-based protection system will help reliably protect systems from cyber threats.

The number of applications and devices is actively growing, as well as remote work. Companies are moving their networks to the cloud. We are currently operating without a network perimeter, and security solutions must evolve to protect our systems anywhere.

Adaptation to modern conditions

Despite the growing danger in cyberspace, information security specialists successfully cope with threats. For example, an IBM report showed that:

Companies have saved an average of $3.05 million on each hack thanks to deployed artificial intelligence and security automation;

The average savings of $2.66 million were achieved thanks to Incident Response Teams (IR) and a regularly tested IR plan;

Advanced Detection and Response (XDR) technologies have reduced the response time by 29 days.